St. Jude Catholic School upgrades to the cloud with Google for Education without raising tuition

Students need a solid hold on technology to be successful, professionally and academically. At St. Jude, we’re dedicated to preparing our kids for the future, which is why we’re working toward fully integrating technology in the classroom.

Joe Shelburn, Principal at St. Jude Catholic School.


Many private schools struggle to upgrade their technology or provide students with devices without drastically raising tuition. The team at St. Jude Catholic School knew the importance of teaching students how to use technology to learn, work, and communicate — all important skills for college and future jobs — but wanted to keep tuition as low as possible.


After evaluating a few different solutions for cloud storage, email, and devices -- including Microsoft Office 365, Outlook and full laptop devices -- nothing was comparable to what Google offered free of cost. In 2012, the school’s administrative team decided on Google for Education tools, including Google Classroom and Chromebooks, for all 500 students and over 35 teacher and staff. The decision was easy, says Shelburn, as Google was the most affordable and easy-to-use option for both students and staff.