Seiko Gakuen makes learning English fun and easy with Google for Education tools

Using Chromebooks in the classroom has improved online English lessons and motivated students to learn the language. The impact is so encouraging that we would like to expand the use of ICT at our school.

Takaaki Sato, Seiko Gakuin Junior and High School, English teacher


Fluency in English will be a prerequisite for university admission when the current students in Junior High leave school. Although Seiko Gakuen had a native English speaker as the teacher, students were not showing significant improvement as it was difficult to provide personal attention to every child in a class of 25.


To develop fluency in English, Seiko Gakuen wanted to set up 1 on 1 online lessons with expert foreign teachers from the Philippines. They easily deployed a cost-effective web-based solution using Chromebook, a durable and affordable device, and Google Hangouts, an online video conferencing app. Students were more engaged and showed tremendous improvement. The impact has motivated the school to expand the use of ICT tools for teaching and learning.