Google Chromebooks for Education enhance KIPP LA Schools mission of innovation

Chromebooks are it. The Holy Grail of IT in any organization is minimized admin. With the Google laptops, set-up and maintenance is a breeze.

Matthew Peskay, director of technology


KIPP LA’s limited finances allowed for a student-to-computer ratio of 5:1 before the introduction of Google Chromebooks for Education. Maintaining traditional PCs involved precious workforce hours that the schools could not afford. Software costs and ongoing updates also added up.


In 2011, as part of Google’s pilot program, 400 Chromebooks were distributed between two schools. The merits of being always connected were immediately apparent. IT staff were pleased that they no longer had to worry about servers, software licenses, or maintenance plans. With fewer administrative burdens, there were more opportunities to increase the number of Chromebooks in classrooms. Teachers enjoyed the shift from direct instruction to interactive engagement, with students becoming more independent learners. They are also able to collaborate more, and to be more creative in their work process.